The following are the NTSB reports of aviation accidents that occurred in Arizona from late June through late July. APA will use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs, briefings, and posters/flyers that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others, and take the action necessary to prevent them from having similar accidents.

Well, it looks like this month’s accident summary is going to be even shorter than last month’s. In the past reporting period, there were only two accidents reported by the NTSB, and there weren't any others from the rumor mill that I was aware of. The first accident in this report was probably minor in nature, based on the dates of the mishap and the preliminary report being the same. I think it’s really great that pilots are appearing to be more careful and flying safer. This better be the case, and not that they’re just having all the accidents out of state. In any event, here is this month’s report. It appears that because there weren’t many accidents this month, the NTSB reporter really made this one report a bit long and detailed.


Accident Date: June 28, 2019

Preliminary Report Dated: 6/28/19

Title 14 CFR Part 91 

Location: Phoenix

Aircraft Type: Cessna 172

Injuries: UNK

The NTSB has not yet made the preliminary report available.



Accident Date: June 29, 2019 

Preliminary Report Dated: 7/11

Title 14 CFR Part 91 Operation 

Location: Chandler

Aircraft Type: Piper PA28R-200 

Injuries: 2 Uninjured


On June 29, 2019, about 1850 MST, a Piper PA28R-200 airplane sustained a partial landing gear collapse after landing on runway 22R at Chandler Municipal Airport (CHD). The private pilot/owner and passenger were not injured. The airplane incurred substantial damage to the left wing and left stabilator. Visual meteorological conditions were reported at the airport about the time of the accident, and no flight plan was filed for the personal flight. The flight had originated from Stellar Airpark (P19).

According to the pilot, he was seated in the right seat, and his son was seated in the left seat. The pilot reported that he often alternated seats on different flights, and that he was the sole manipulator of the controls for this flight. They flew from P19 to CHD to practice landings and takeoffs. The first touch and go landing on runway 22R was uneventful. The pilot reported that the second landing was normal, but then during the rollout the airplane began "pulling hard" to the left and "sinking" in the left wing down direction. The pilot applied right rudder but was unable to maintain directional control. The airplane came to a stop on the runway with the left wing and left stabilator contacting the runway. He reported the event to the CHD air traffic control tower, shut down the airplane, and he and his son then exited the airplane. The nose gear and right main landing gear remained extended and locked, but the left main landing gear appeared to be mostly retracted into its wheel well. There was no fire.

The pilot held a private pilot certificate with an airplane single-engine land rating. He reported that he had about 577 hours total flight experience, including about 479 hours in the accident airplane make and model. His most recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) third class medical certificate was issued in September 2018, and his most recent flight review was completed in June 2018.

FAA records indicated that the airplane was manufactured in 1973, and was equipped with a Lycoming IO-360 series engine. The airplane was registered to the pilot in 2015. The pilot reported that the airplane had a total time (TT) in service of about 4,834 hours. The engine had a TT of about 773 hours. The airplane's most recent annual inspection was completed in January 2019.

CHD was situated at an elevation of 1,243 ft above mean sea level. Runway 22R was asphalt, and measured 75 ft by 4,401 ft. The CHD air traffic control tower was staffed and operating at the time of the event.

The 1856 CHD special weather observation included winds from 260° at 12 knots with gusts to 22 knots, visibility 10 miles, clear skies, temperature 41° C, dew point 4° C, and an altimeter setting of 29.78 inches of mercury.


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