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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, hope your holiday is a great one. Below please find the latest NTSB data on fatal crashes here in Arizona. So far, up thru the end of October of this year, the record still stands at 7 fatal accidents, with 8 fatalities, 6 pilots and 2 passengers, with 2 accidents listed as info not available, as listed below from the NTSB web site. A summary of the fatal accidents will be completed for the December issue, and with any luck, the NTSB might have more information for us on the two accidents currently listed as N/A. I am not sure of its accuracy…

gaarms november 2021 ntsb data fatal crashes




Fred’s Perspective –

gaarms november 2021 after 9 11 automobile accidents

As I sit here writing this, I am in self-imposed quarantine!! Ugh!! So here is my sad story. Seems like the 3rd week of October, I started to get a tickle in my throat, causing an occasional cough. Ok, I said to myself, here comes the start of my annual pre-winter 1-week cold, even though I have had my annual flu shot. Load up on Mucinex, Kleenex, and Ni-Quill, and next week I will be through it. And off I went to Kansas for a weekend safety clinic as one of the instructors, sitting in a one-day classroom and one solid day of flight instructing. Having already had both vaccination shots back in February/March, Covid was not on my mind, but masks were the order of the day, through the 3 airports I transitioned through to get to Wichita, Kansas, the 3 aircraft I flew in on the way, the hotel requirements, and our classroom requirements. I further confirmed with the 2 students I was assigned to fly with that both had been totally vaccinated, and I keep my mask on to prevent my cold from spreading while in the airplanes. Got to fly in two different Mooney Ovations and visit several new airports, including Stearman Airfield, just east of Wichita. The weekend went great, flew with 2 great pilots, and made 2 new friends. Sunday was my flight day back, with an “Ugh” 6 hr layover in Dallas, but I did finish a good book! I arrived home early evening Sunday night, tired and ready to crash. And then Monday morning arrived after 12 hours of sleep, a much more pronounced cough, and total lethargy! NOT my normal reaction to my annual cold, but symptoms closer to Covid. By Tuesday morning, we decided to schedule a Covid test, which we did, but it was for Wednesday, and I was sure I could survive until then. So, I slept almost all of Tuesday, and woke up Wednesday morning feeling much better. Off to the Covid test center we went, and Lo and Behold, my test came back POSITIVE!!! Well, that sucked – a breakthrough case of Covid-19, but by then they estimated I was already 7 days into the incubation period and possibly already on the “coming out of it” stage. Just stay in isolation for another 5 days and I should be fine. So back home we went, and I immediately notified the 2 pilots I flew with and the folks I stayed close to over that weekend. Fortunately, no one else exhibited any symptoms. So, here I am on day 9 of my self-imposed isolation, actually feeling fine, but it seems my “Get up and Go” has suffered and is stuck in “Get,” but I do believe “there will be joy in Mudville in two more days.”

gaarms november 2021 kansas flyover


Safety Programs

There are NOT a lot of FAASTeam safety programs on the schedule over the next couple of months all around the state, so go to WWW.FAASAFETY.GOV , click on “Seminars” and check them out for any Webinars you might be interested in. You might find one that really is right up your alley!! Should you desire a particular safety or educational program at your local airport or pilot meeting in the future (post COVID-19), like the BasicMed program or our “Winter Wonderland” snow season special, simply contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call me at 410-206-3753. The Arizona Pilots Association provides the safety programs at no charge. We can also help you organize a program of your choice, and we can recommend programs that your pilot community might really like.

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