BLM Invites the RAF to Participate in Airstrip Project Read more: New BLM Airstrip Inventory Projectby Mark Spencer  As RAF members already know, our recently signed Memo of Understanding (MOU) ushers in a new era of cooperation with our friends at the BLM, relating to airstrips. As a very positive first activity under the MOU, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Dennis Byrd, explained that with the current national
  Read more: Backcounrty Rumble in the Desert at Ocotillo Wells on March 14th SunCountry Cubs, California Cubs, and CubCrafters Inc, are pleased to host the Rumble in the Desert Round 2! Events will take place at L90 Ocotillo Wells, followed by a BBQ and Awards Ceremony at 2pm. A block of rooms is being held under SunCountry Cubs, at the (L08) Borrego Springs Resort and Spa, in Borrego Springs, CA. RESERVE YOUR ROOMS EARLY! Click Here to
  Calling All Backcountry Pilots!  Back by popular demand, we are pleased to announce that SunCountry Cubs and the Arizona Pilots Assocation, with support by CubCrafters Inc, will hold the second annual "Backcountry Olympics" on January 24, 2015! This year's event will be a bit different than last year's at Flying “A” Ranch, and will be able to accommodate a much
Very First Back-to-Basics Safety Event was a Huge Success!  By Dave Dunteman  Read more: Back-to-Basics Kick Off Event Success! On Saturday 11 January, a group of pilots and planes gathered at Pleasant Valley Airport (P48) for the inaugural Back to Basics in the Backcountry Education and Proficiency program. We started with a one-hour academic session discussing Aeronautical Decision Making and Risk Analysis tools
Equal Access - The Struggle for Tuweep Read more: Equal Access - The Struggle for Tuweep By Mark Spencer It’s a new year, a new legislative session, and a new day in the struggle to gain equal access to the Tuweep airstrip for Arizona pilots.  For our members’ benefit, here is a very brief history of the Tuweep struggle: The Tuweep airstrip has been closed for nearly 10 years now for the expressed purpose of reducing
Read more: Backcountry Etiquette Video by Rich FinkleRich Finkle has produced this informative and entertaining video on backcountry etiquette: View on YouTube All of us have been somewhere, sometime when someone does something that makes you want to throttle them. You know what I’m talking about. My goal is to be sure that we have captured the major things all of us should be thinking about to make our backcountry travels
Prepare for the 2013/2014 Backcountry Flying Season! Read more: Preparing for the 2013-2014 Backcountry Flying Season By Mark Spencer The nine month backcountry flying season is about to begin again, but we’ve had a great year already! We’ve accomplished much last year, not in terms of new airstrips, but in our relationships with land managers and in solidifying aviation as a legitimate use in the Forest and BLM lands. We’ve had signs
By Adam Rosenberg Read more: Utah Backcountry & the Caveman Ranch Fly-In on May 24-26 There are lots of reasons people fly. Some fly to get places more easily or faster. Some fly to enjoy new technology. Some fly just to leave the surface of our planet for a while. And some fly for scenery. There's a lot of scenery to be had. With much to say about fruited plains and shining seas, my own preference is purple mountain
Backcountry Aviation - A Shining Star for GA in ArizonaRead more: Backcountry Aviation - A Shining Star for GA in Arizona A Nagging Challenge - The Case for Tuweep By Mark Spencer These two articles are in the Arizona Aviation Journal: Read more: Backcountry Aviation - A Shining Star for GA in Arizona  
Airplane Camping at Grapevine Airstrip (Jan 2013)Read more: Grapevine Fly-In Video By Mike Marker  Camping with our RV-4 at Grapevine Az. The Arizona Pilot’s Association (APA) and The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF) have negotiated approval for public use of Grapevine Airstrip at Lake Roosevelt Az. Grapevine is open to public use on the 3rd weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) of each month only.