APA Volunteers Pull Through at the AOPA Prescott Fly-In! Read more: APA Volunteers Pull Through at the AOPA Prescott Fly-In! By Stefanie Spencer   Last weekend’s AOPA regional fly-in at Prescott’s Earnest J Love Field was a record breaker with 6,300 visitors! Read more: APA Volunteers Pull Through at the AOPA Prescott Fly-In! Hoping for this sort of turn out, the APA pulled out all stops, leasing two booths and setting up a display that rivaled the big name commercial exhibitors. Of
Last Month's Getaway to Long Beach by Kit Murphy Read more: Last Month's Getaway to Long Beach What can I say about the last Weekend Getaway? We had a great time with old and new friends, exploring Avalon and the Queen Mary, and the weather was perfect! September is definitely the best time to go to Long Beach! Low 80s, light breezes, virtually cloudless, even at night it was wonderful. Some of us spent a
MEMBERS' PHOTO CORNER Thank you to Tim Timmons for this month’s photos! Where will you go next? Send your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.! Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER Read more: MEMBERS’ PHOTO CORNER April’s APA Happy Hour at Harold’s! by Mary James & Susan Wearly Our Spring Social at Harold’s Corral in Cave Creek on Thursday, April 28th was
Greenlee County Cattle Growers Meeting by Suzanne Menges The 102nd annual meeting of the Greenlee County Cattle Growers Association was held on Saturday, August 20th, at the historic Double Circle Lodge at Upper Eagle Creek. This year the Association was pleased to host featured speaker Mr. Mark Killian, Director of the Arizona State Department of Agriculture. Mr
Navajo Christmas Airlift by Gregory McColley While the temperatures have not yet quite chilled off, our thoughts naturally start to turn to the Navajo Christmas Airlift coming in November. For so many of us, the Airlift is very special intro to the Holiday season and a wonderful representation through the hundreds of pilots and donors that the Navajo Airlift has
Warbird Attack Helicopter Operated by Local Chapter of the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation If you have been out to Mesa’s Falcon Field on a Saturday over the past year, or attended the Gateway or Falcon Field Airport open houses, you could not have missed the Valley’s newest aviation organization and flying thrill. The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation
Letter to the Editor Farmington NM Cost Awareness I’ve been flying to and from Farmington (FMN) from the Phoenix area since 1980 and have watched the slow demise of aviation at many of these grass roots airports. It’s of little wonder to see what is happening to general aviation when you look at what is happening to places like Farmington. On my most
Dear Editor, The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation (AAHF) has come to AZ! The Arizona Chapter of the AAHF received their first aircraft in November of 2015. We operate a Vietnam War veteran AH-1F Cobra attack helicopter with a FAA exemption to provide rides for sale as part of our mission to honor veterans, preserve the legacy of Army Aviation, and bring the
Read more: Recreational Aviation FoundationRecreational Aviation Foundation Ryan Field Montana Fly-In by Glenn Brasch I decided to escape the Arizona heat for a while this summer and head north to Montana, specifically the Glacier National Park area. Easy to do once you are retired, and even easier with the wife's permission. The bad part is no airplane, just a 4x4 Chevy truck and a camper, but
A Sky and Sea getaway ... Add a little nostalgia, romance or adventure to your life! The next Weekend Getaway will be September 9th through the 11th to Long Beach, California. The locals say that September has the best weather of the year! Read more: A Sky and Sea getaway... Your Friday airport destination is the Signature FBO at the Long Beach Airport (LGB), and from there you will be