Nancy Benscoter, APA President Read more: June 2012 President's Report Introduction of the New APA Website It’s been several months in the making, but the new Arizona Pilot’s Association website is now on line! They say information is power, and web based information is the fastest way to stay up to date in our fast paced world. With this in mind, our new website sports several features aimed at keeping
Craig Albright, Cirrus N857CD @ KCHD, CFI/IIRead more: Weekend Getaway to Bisbee It's hot...already...  So, to briefly escape the heat, we're going underground!  Our next APA Weekend Getaway event will be a tour of the Copper Queen Mine in Bisbee, AZ (P04) on Sunday, May 27th.  Normally, I try to schedule our events for the 4th Saturday in the month.  However, this month
Jim Timm, Executive DirectorRead more: May 2012 Executive Director's Report Temperatures are going to be going up only too soon, so make sure you get out and get some comfortable flying in before it gets too hot and bumpy. As a final reminder to submit comments, the FAA must move to integrate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System and they have until mid-2012 to establish a program to integrate
APA ANNUAL MEETING by Jim Timm for NancyRead more: May 2012 President's Report Be sure to mark your calendars for the APA annual meeting on May 26 at Glendale Municipal Airport (GEU). The meeting this year will be hosted by the Civil Air Patrol in their facility at the south end of the airport. If you want to fly in, ground control will be able to direct you to the CAP facility. If you are driving in, from the
Jim Timm, Executive DirectorRead more: April 2012 Executive Director's Report I hope everyone has been taking advantage of the good flying weather, and based on this month’s safety report, you have been doing it safely. The Back Country Airport division of APA received the good news this past month, that the US Forrest Service planners must now consider aviation uses in their plans, whether it be preserving or maintaining
Nancy Benscoter, APA PresidentRead more: April 2012 President's Report Since April is “tax” month, you should consider taking advantage of the great opportunities we have put together for you to get out and fly and write off the experience. When you attend our APA sponsored events, they are tax deductible since we are a 501c3 non-profit volunteer organization. Every month, we host a FAA safety seminar. This month's
Read more: Bullhead City PIREP & Our Next Getaway: Page, AZ Craig Albright, Cirrus N857CD @ KCHD, CFI/II Here’s a quick report on our previous Weekend Getaway flight to Bullhead City, AZ and an opportunity to join us in Page, AZ for an excursion to Antelope Slot Canyon on Saturday, 4/28. PIREP: Bullhead City, AZ Read more: Bullhead City PIREP & Our Next Getaway: Page, AZOn Saturday, 2/25, eight folks climbed into three aircraft and enjoyed the day at Bullhead City, AZ. What’s in
Jim Timm, Executive DirectorRead more: March 2012 Executive Director's Report The flying weather has been excellent and I hope everyone has been able to get out there and take advantage of it and go flying. If you haven’t, let’s go Flying! There is a good possibility that Arizona could be the home for a national test range for unmanned aircraft. The federal government is planning to set aside airspace dedicated for the
Nancy Benscoter, APA PresidentRead more: March 2012 President's Report The month of March brings us more beautiful weather to get out and fly! I hope to see you at the Cactus Fly-In in Casa Grande on March 3rd and 4th. We will be hosting a backcountry forum on Saturday, the 4th at 9am. Be sure to also join us for the GAARMS event on March 14th and 15th. See detailed information contained in this newsletter. Don’t
  Arizona Pilots Join Hands with USFS in Preserving the Grapevine AirstripRead more: Backcountry - Preserving Grapevine Airstrip Mark Spencer, Recreational Aviation Foundation, Arizona Liaison In the words of one volunteer, “Do you realize we made history this weekend?” I honestly had not thought about it that way. Grapevine was officially closed by USFS Special Order 12-157 on June 27th, 1997, and not only did Arizona