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  So far this summer the mornings haven’t been too bad for the Saturday morning breakfast flights, as they have been comfortable and relatively smooth. However, the return flight home can get a bit bumpy if you visit too long and get a late start. I can imagine it has to be challenging for these foreign students trying to learn to fly and having to fly later in the heat
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Greetings, With triple-digits in much of the state, the sound of airplane engines is starting much earlier in the morning. The thought of sweating it out in a flying greenhouse isn’t too appealing. It is sometimes easier just to schedule flights for later this fall.  There are a few ways to stay involved in aviation and remain safe while your plane remains
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  This spring weather has certainly been strange. Generally, it’s been relatively cool for the early morning flights for breakfast. I hope everyone has been enjoying it. It really makes me wonder what the summer and monsoon time is going to be like. We shall see, but for now, let’s go flying and enjoy it. Last month we had the APA annual meeting at Casino Arizona, and
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Greetings, I sincerely hope you’ve been able to take advantage of our extended Spring weather by smashing bugs, camping with your plane, or simply enjoying a fly in pancake breakfast with friends. We’ve been blessed with a wonderful flying season. May brings about our Annual Meeting, and this year we held it at Casino Arizona. Our meeting room was packed to capacity as we
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  Spring is coming to an end, summer is knocking on our door, and I can hardly believe all the bugs that are still flying around. Last weekend when I returned from flying, the airplane looked like it may have been approaching an over gross condition with all the bugs on the canopy and leading edges. Keeping a separation between bugs on the windshield and the traffic out
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Greetings, For Arizona pilots, the summer season means we're up a lot earlier than normal and we seem to be scraping less bugs off since we're flying higher than during the winter months. Whatever keeps us flying... We had a great winter filled with several backcountry events, getaways, local flying and an amazing Copperstate Fly-In. Even with this all behind us, Summer
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  Springtime is definitely here, based on the number of bugs I’ve been hitting. Either that, or I’ve been flying too low lately, but I really think that actually it’s that time of the year again, and it’s warming up. Let’s enjoy it while we still can, and let’s go flying! It’s hard to believe, but come May, BasicMed will be two years old. More than 45,000 pilots have
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Greetings, With the cool weather quickly fading behind us, the increased danger of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from a faulty muffler also begins to subside. This is a concern I think about every time I fly my 59-year-old aircraft during the cooler months. While I’m confident in the maintenance and condition, parts do fail. Recently, there have been three CO events that
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I would like to think that we are out of the bad winter weather and we will be having some good flying weather for a while. The white mountains around us are something to behold, but the white airports with snow covered runways are another. Check NOTAMS and fly carefully. It’s that time of the year that the state legislature is in session and our legislators are working on
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Greetings, Looking back on Copperstate 2019 and the Buckeye Air Fair, held in parallel, I’m excited about the state of General Aviation and where we’re headed. The buzz and excitement of the tens of thousands who visited Copperstate seemed to share my feelings. Our APA booth was packed from start to finish, three full days. Even the unseasonably chilly weather didn’t slow the