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    By Paul Wiley This article discusses FAA minimums for airplane pilots flying under FAR part 91 General and Operating Flight Rules.  It also provides a general discussion of some of these minimums as well as recommendations for developing a personal minimums checklist.  The purpose of having a personal minimums checklist is to facilitate good
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    by Jim Timm The following are the reports of aviation accidents and incidents that have occurred in Arizona from late September through October. APA will be using this detailed information to develop safety programs, briefings, and posters/flyers that would help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others and take the action necessary to prevent them
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    by Jim Timm In the time period from September 10 through October 14, 2021, there were twelve general aviation pilot deviations recorded by the FAA SDL FSDO. These deviations were committed by Military, private, commercial, CFIs, and ATPs. Of the twelve deviations made, there was a need to issue four Brashers. Note: a Brasher is a notice that is issued when
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  By Mark Spencer September’s Grapevine monthly fly in event also turned into an ad hoc volunteer maintenance weekend. Over 20 aircraft and multiple ground vehicles showed up for much needed maintenance at Arizona’s most utilized backcountry airstrip, located off the shores of Roosevelt Lake on the Tonto National Forest. This was the first of the monthly fly in events
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  By Mark Spencer Thanks to the Recreational Aviation Foundation’s efforts in working with Congress and the US Forest Service in Washington, $750,000 was directed by congress to be invested in backcountry airstrips around the country. Each region receives its portion of this money based on total number of feet of existing airstrips. Region 4, that’s AZ and NM, received
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  Greetings, It's that time of year when the skies are once again filled with the sound of Lycomings and Continentals. Yes, the occasional lovely radial drowns out the others with a welcome roar, and the turbines blow by quickly. It's winter flying season. While the rest of the country is hunkering down, pickling engines, and getting the shovels and snow blowers out
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  Pilots often bristle when hearing that the government wants to “get involved” in aviation. We think more red tape, more obtuse regulations, and additional financial burden will be coming along shortly. Bucking that stereotype is the Buckeye Mayor, Eric Orsborn. He is not only a staunch advocate for aviation, but he’s also looking at how to increase the general aviation
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    Fall weather is finally here, and although some of the days have been a little warmer than normal, the flying weather has been great. I hope all of you have been enjoying it, also. It’s been good going on the weekend morning breakfast flights, and enjoying them with friends, and not getting banged around on the way home. This is the time of the year that we
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  By Howard Deevers Several times per year I read an article about a group of volunteer pilots who have pitched in and saved their local airport. The story is usually about the same, where local people that don't fly, have other interests and want to close the airport. Or, the “old” airport is just falling apart from lack of maintenance, and the pilots did the work
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~  Scholarship Corner  ~   By Chris Nugent We closed the 2021 APA scholarship cycle at the end of October, and we set another record for the program with forty applications being submitted. This is up significantly from the twenty-nine we received in 2020 and 24 in 2019. Although we have not started our formal review process, I always look through the