Grapevine Recap Read more: Grapevine Recap   By Mark Spencer   While challenging weather scuttled our monthly fly in BBQ at Grapevine for January, several folks did fly in. Because of their hard work, along with a ground crew, a small tractor and 40 additional tons of fill, the airstrip has never looked better. Anyone that has visited Grapevine understands the incredible beauty of
By Jim Timm Read more: February 2018 Aviation Accident Summary February 2018      The following are NTSB reports of aviation accidents that have occurred in Arizona from late December, 2017, through late January, 2018. We use this detailed accident information to develop safety programs and briefings that will help pilots learn from the mistakes being made by others, and then hopefully they will take
Read more: Johnathan the Brave Johnathan the Brave  By Andrew Vogeney    Working a part-time job can have a lot of perks, most notably for me the paycheck that keeps the gas tanks half full. I work a few nights a week at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel, and I’m proud of a lot of the “extras” we get to do for our community. One of them is working with Hope Kids
Read more: Goldwater Range Tour Goldwater Range Tour  By Mary & Susan    This is a quick thank you and a recap of our day on the range..... Susan Gladstein thanked us for being great visitors and also thanked us for our contribution to the airmen's fund for the upcoming deployed families’ party. Our $300 went a long way in the goodwill department. Additionally, after expenses
Read more: Cottonwood Fly-In & Safety Seminar Cottonwood Fly-In & Safety Seminar   By Timothy M Pebler      The seminar was attended by about 52 people from Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Rimrock, Flagstaff, Prescott, Mesa, Deer Valley, Glendale and Sedona. Fred had an educational presentation on winter flying weather with lots of positive comments from those who attended. Morgan Scott and the
Payson - A Backcountry Fly-In That EVERY Airplane Can Make  By James Nebrig      Many fellow fliers look with envy at the impressive array of backcountry fly-ins that the Arizona Pilots Association and Recreational Aviation Foundation have put together in the Arizona backcountry. While these fly-ins sure look like a lot of fun, the sad reality is that
Read more: Kingman Airport, Kingman Arizona Kingman Airport, Kingman Arizona  By Brian Schober      The US Army Air Forces played a major role in developing many of Arizona’s current and long-gone airports. Kingman’s airport is no exception. The US Army Air Forces had a need to train gunnery crews assigned to the newly-developed B-17 Flying Fortresses and an unpopulated 4,000+ acres
Symposium in Deer Valley  GAARMS Report: February 2018   Read more: Symposium in Deer Valley (GAARMS)Fred Gibbs  (Your guy in Flagstaff)   The seventh annual APA General Aviation Accident Reduction and Mitigation Symposium – GAARMS VII – will be in Deer Valley on Saturday, March 31st, 2018. The safety program will be held at the AeroGuard Flight Training Center (the old
Read more: Winter Flying Winter Flying  Howard Deevers      While Arizona was enjoying exceptional flying weather in January, much of the rest of the country was experiencing harsh winter conditions. We saw sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, and the "windchill" we all hate. My nephew, John, has come from Minneapolis to Tucson several times for a week of relief from the cold
By Jim Timm Read more: January 2018 Executive Director's Report January 2018    I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday season, Santa was good to you, and all your Christmas surprises were good ones. The early Saturday morning breakfast flights are a bit cool, and the aircraft performance has really been impressive compared to last summer. I really wish the pilots’ performance could improve by the